Black Point

Black Point has one of the most gorgeous beaches along coastal South Australia. Located on the Yorke Peninsula, Black Point is a coastal holiday destination taking approximately two hours to get there from Adelaide.

The beautiful beach strip in Black Point is approximately two kilometres and it faces north which is very unique for those who live in Adelaide.




Weather at Black Point

The uniqueness of the Black Point lies in its north facing beach.

Most of the winds in and around Adelaide and particularly on the opening where Black Point sits comes from the south.

As Black Point beach faces north, it is sheltered from these southerly winds, making Black Point a very safe and calm bay.  

As a result, there are no large tides and it doesn’t have any surf which is great for families and calm beach activities.

Otherwise the weather and climate are like Adelaide although it can be slightly warmer by a few degrees.

Demographic Information of Black Point

Most of the demographic of Black Point consists of local farmers who have fibro shacks, but some also have nice holiday accommodation.

A large majority of the people are those with high net worth – those who already had property in Black Point which increased in value or have acquired property over time as the popularity of Black Point grew.

Black Point is also home to a few families who have always had a holiday shack there but have never decided to put their property on the market despite the price growth and the benefits they could receive from that.

These properties pass on from family to family and to the next generation, often being shared by siblings in the family.

The costs to maintain and run these properties has increased over time as council rates and other expenses have also increased. As a result, several properties are now available as holiday homes and can be found listed on websites available for big days such as Christmas, Easter and Australia Day when they are in peak season.

Although at non-peak times, it is quiet and quite common to not see anyone other than the 10 permanent residents of Black Point.

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