Reconnect with the most important people in your life

Black Point offers opportunities for strenuous activity or not much at all. Watch the sun set over a glass of wine with your partner, play a game of cricket on the beach with your children, or launch the boat for a day of fishing with your best mate!

Recharge your batteries regularly

The place itself imposes no time frames, schedules or pressure. You may take the opportunity for some 7am fishing or prefer a late sleep in while the early risers prepare the barbecue breakfast on the deck. 

Rediscover your passion for life

Of course, if you must have an adrenaline rush to remain sane there are opportunities for you to worry about who is spying on your favourite fishing spot, why the teenagers left the gas bottle empty or why the crabs aren't out. Black Point offers you everything!

Walk along the beach here and you will run into friendly hospitable people, waving or striking up a conversation if you want or happy to respect your privacy if that is your wish. The friendly dolphins and pelicans glide by craving attention. They are very much at home here too.

Long-term visitor and recent Black Point purchaser, Michael Angelakis AM, describes Black Point as a special place for him and his family. "Everybody watches out for everybody and after a day you certainly slow down to the pace of the Peninsula. From our eldest daughter Zoe, to my adult son Jordan and then to our two youngest boys Zac and Nathan, they have always looked forward to going to Black Point, probably more so than an overseas trip."

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