Property prices have risen in most beachfront holiday destinations in South Australia. At in Black Point, this growth has been significant.
Holidaymakers are looking for holiday accommodation within a two-hour drive from Adelaide CBD. They are looking for destinations that have access to the beach and are not a long drive from home.
Black Point is where holidaymakers love to flock, which givies investors an enormous advantage for long-term capital gains.
Black Point is now considered one of the most prized pieces of real estate in South Australia, and now there is an opportunity with this new land release for investors and buyers to secure piece of this valued real estate.
Real estate in Black Point is tightly held, and very few sales occur in a year. Before one would see one to three sales in a 12-month period.
Land has not been released at Black Point for a long time.
This will be the last land to be released in Black Point, making it a fantastic opportunity for investors looking for long-term capital gains.
This land release is also an opportunity to buy and enjoy your holiday home and the beautiful area of Black Point. There is also a chance you will gain from strong rental rates on a nightly basis.
All the allotments that are 700 to 800 square meters are priced at $185,000 while the two larger allotments of 1500 to 2000 square meters are $195,000 each.
The average cost of building a house in Black Point can range, depending on the builder you choose. There are many builders from Adelaide that have built homes for families in Black Point.
There is also a collection of well-respected local builders in Black Point who have also built homes in the area.
The average size of dwellings that buyers can build ranges from 300 to 400 square meters.
Most of the infrastructure is connected and available such as electricity and main’s water.
However, a gas connection is not available but residents can use gas bottles which can be replaced by a supplier in Ardrossan.
All properties at Black Point are run on a septic tank system.
There is a mobile tower close by which ensures that there is always internet coverage and you are well connected to your family and friends.
The local community is supported by the Black Point Association. Members of the association are the property owners in Black Point.
This association supports the local community. A voluntary membership allows you to enjoy many benefits like having your bins picked up and emptied and returned back to your property.
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